Montreal's Must-Do Activities

Have fun at the Parc La Fontaine

This is a great option in Montreal year-round. It features two linked ponds and fountains and tons of greenery. A great spot to sun bath in the summer, colourful in the falls, and in the winter become an outdoor skating rink! 


Experience Luminotherapie

This festival is a fantastic way to rid of any winter blues that may be lurking. Free shows and innovative art installations glow at Luminotherapie, providing tons of excellent content. This space is also home to a 235 jet fountain!


Check out the Biosphere

This piece of architecture really does speak for itself. Designed for the 1967 World Fair by Buckminster Fuller, it is now the only environmental museum in North America. So not only it is a beautiful and interesting sight on the outside, the inside is worth exploring as well!


Wander through Botanical Gardens

An enormous collection of plant life spanning over 190 acres! Gardens, greenhouses and all of your botanical dreams come true in one place. The photo opportunities here are truly endless.


Take in the Views at Mount Royal

If you're looking for the ultimate views of the big city, look no further than he summit of Mount Royal. This huge city park boasts 692 acres and can make you completely forget you're even in a city! A quick trip to the summit will remind you as you take in a beautiful view and grab an awesome snap shot of Montreal.


Take a Street Art Tour of Saint-Laurent

Take a stroll along the stretch of the Main and any adjoining alleyway of your choosing to discover jaw dropping graffiti from a wide variety of known and unknown artists. An excellent area to wander and find tons of insta-worthy sights.


Get the Ultimate Pic for the 'Gram in Aires Libres

The Gay Village is home to tons of businesses worth visiting! Aside from a laundry list of awesome bars, clubs, and food spots, from May to September it becomes one long pedestrian street that hosts tons of festivals, activities and art installations. 


Spring for Bota Bota

If you're looking for a little more luxury Bota Bota should be high up on your list of to-dos in Montreal. A ferry boat that's been repurposed as one of the best spas around! Boasting luxurious treatments, atmosphere, and view of Old Port and Habitat 67 in the distance as you sway your way through the day.


Gibeau Orange Julep

This quirky road side stop is worth pulling over for. I mean.. A giant orange shaped building? It's a see to believe sort of deal that you'll want to share anyway! They are famous for their creamy orange juice drinks and old school décor. It also attracts some gorgeous antique cars that add even more to the vibe here.


Village au Pied-du-Courant

This sandy oasis is a public space that has been reinvented as an urban living lab. There's something for everyone here! Bars, food, musicians, art installations, hammocks and much more. A great way to spend a day, with tons of cool content waiting to be captured! 


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