5 of the Cutest Cafés in Ottawa

Ottawa is teeming with cafés that just beg for a photo op. When exploring this city you will have no problem finding that perfect statement wall or coffee art to add to your social media portfolio. Check out a few of the most instaworthy cafés that the capital of Canada has to offer!

1. Morning Owl

With no shortage of natural lighting or foliage, Kanata’s Morning Owl is a modern and refreshing space to spend some time. They have an expansive menu that extends from simple coffee to sandwiches, salads, and smoothie bowls. With statement walls in unexpected places, even your washroom breaks can provide some great eye candy for that perfect shot.


2. The Ministry of Coffee and Social Affairs

With several, equally visually interesting locations, The Ministry of Coffee and Social Affairs is worth a visit! If the highly revered hand-crafted hot beverages aren’t your thing, this is a place that can take you from day into night seamlessly with its transition from cool cafe to moody bar featuring tons of craft beers. There’s something for everyone here! 


3. The Art House Café

If you’re looking for something a little different, the Art House Cafe in Stittsville may be just what you need. This cafe has a bit of a different vibe as it is a heritage house collaged with eye catching art pieces from over 100 local artists. With visuals abound you will be provided with ample photography opportunities that are ever changing due to the continuous flow of new pieces. This cafe also moonlights as a bar and holds many interesting events that you can take part in.

4. Café Cristal

The aesthetic of this cafe is exactly as it sounds, classy AF! Step up your cafe game a notch by visiting Cafe Cristal and indulging in their artfully crafted desserts and high tea. This spot boasts being Barrhaven’s most authentic and traditional third-wave cafe, fusing the romance of France and the beauty of Arabesque. Bright, light, and beautiful - I dare you to visit this place without taking a shot... or twenty.


5. Quitters Coffee

The last cafe on our list is sleek, and modern with a mix of long wooden communal seating and more intimate tables for small groups. We love some good Edison bulbs and Quitters use them well. A quick geotag search of this location will quickly reveal the huge statement wall that is a fan favourite (and for good reason). With humble beginnings, this cafe has grown exponentially since it opened its doors in 2014. They brand themselves as being sophisticated but warm and welcoming with a kickass, pet friendly patio.


There you have it, now go out there and get that latte!

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