Coolest Museums in Ottawa!

Being that Ottawa is the capital Canada, it's no surprise that the city is home to some of the coolest Museums we've ever visited! From the exhibits themselves to their locations, or beautiful architecture - these spots are sure to up your Insta game!

Canadian Museum of Nature

This museum definitely tops our list for the coolest museums in Ottawa! Their current temporary exhibit is a Butterflies in Flight where you can stroll through a warm, tropical environment with flowering plants and hundreds of live butterflies. If this doesn't classify as insta-worthy for you (if it doesn't, we are totally judging you) this museum also hosts one of the coolest evening events in the city! On the last Friday of each month they host what is called Nature Nocturne. This event allows you to discover the museum's galleries and activities after dark through themes with "a natural history twist" that infuses their décor and special activities. Running from 8pm to midnight, you can expect a classy evening out with drinks, apps, music, and tons of unique photo opportunities. Truly a must-see and must-share event!


National Gallery of Canada

The National Gallery of Canada is an architecturally cool spot to visit. You will immediately recognize you're in the right place due to the ever familiar, giant spider sculpture outside of the building. A great photo op before you even enter the building? We approve! This is a great place if you love art! It is a mecca for beautiful backdrops for your next Instagram post. The gallery will regularly feature new artists in their exhibits, meaning that you will consistently have new, fresh content to photograph when you visit.


Canada Science and Technology Museum

For a change of pace, go out of your way a little bit to visit the Science and Technology Museum. This museum reopened in 2017 after a 3 year closure during which an $80.-million renewal of the building occurred. This museum boasts interesting interactive exhibits where you can try your hand at creating music with old and obscure instruments or conduct your own lightshow with a cascading stream of 1,867 light bulbs including artifacts dating back to the 1880s strung from the ceiling across the room. This instagrammable museum also features cool temporary exhibits like it's most recent Leonardo DaVinci exhibit featuring famous paintings (wall sized Mona Lisa anyone?) and an immersive experience room with famous quotes, images, colours and music.


Canadian Museum of History

Another noteworthy museum is the Museum of History located just across the bridge in Gatineau. The building itself is stunning, designed by Douglas Cardinal, sending off serious Canadian vibes. The designs were inspired by the country itself and its Indigenous peoples. The building uses intricate curvature to represent things from the landscape of the Canadian Shield, melting glaciers, and important figures like the turtle. The buildings are truly stunning, unique, and begging to be photographed! Inside you will find a ton of interesting exhibits about Canada's rich history and the world's largest collection of indoor totem poles.


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